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10:00 am
How to Build Your Brand
A Panel Discussion with Man One, Hueman,
Logan Hicks + Jorge Gutierrez

Building your brand today is both easier and more difficult than ever thanks to social media. Truth is, social media is a vital tool for building your business and brand. But, while social media has been transformative for artist’s careers, it's no silver bullet. It’s also a major hassle and distraction from making art. Today, you have to think and act like a digital marketer. The pressure to post 24/7 is real. Like any brand today, artists have to break through the noise and clutter and connect with fans and collectors via the web, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al. What’s more, people too often judge the quality of the artist and their work according to the number of social media followers, rather than the artist’s intelligence and skill. Come listen and learn how some of the top artists are building their art business and brand online.

11:00 am
How To Protect Your Art
A Moderated Discussion with
IP Attorney Ilya Kushnirsky +
Artists Hueman, Logan Hicks + Man One

As an artist, correctly protecting your art against illegal use or theft is critical if you ever hope to successfully hold the offender accountable, defend your case in court, improve your chances to win, or be awarded damages. What’s more, as notable copyright cases such as the 5Pointz Brooklyn and H&M/Revok establish new precedents, artists must learn to protect themselves and their work accordingly. Learn how to best protect your IP in this engaging interview with top copyright and IP attorneys specializing in helping artists fight the good fight. 


How To License Your Art
A Moderated Discussion with
Licensing Agent Adam Unger,
IP Attorney Ilya Kushnirsky
+ Artist Hueman

As an artist and creator of intellectual property, you have the potential to generate passive income when companies license your work for use in product development, gaming, entertainment or other media. But, the licensing game has changed a lot over the last twenty years and licensing is more challenging than it used to be. And many factors come to bear when structuring a deal that is fair, equitable and defensible for you and the licensor. Learn about how to license your art in this informative interview with veteran licensing agents from L.A. and NYC.

How to Pitch Your
Ideas In Hollywood
A Moderated Discussion with
Netflix VP of Original Series Channing Dungey +
Artist + Animator Jorge Gutierrez (Book of Life)

Many artists aspire to develop their art into entertainment properties. Whether it's your graffiti character, graphic novel, comic book or designer toy, breaking into Hollywood is as difficult as ever. Yet, great stories and content are in high demand as players such as Netflix, Apple and Amazon become entertainment studios. Of course, affordable HD technology makes producing independent content a viable option, but it's risky too. This panel will explore the realities of working in Hollywood as an artist trying to turn your art into The Next Big Thing.

Special Artist Presentation
by Mark Brickey

Special Artist Presentation
by Hueman

Special Artist Presentation
by Logan Hicks

Special Artist Presentation
by Man One

Special Artist Presentation
by Jorge Gutierrez

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm
Grant Winners Announcement +
After Party with Hit+Run

A hosted beer and wine party will immediately follow the conference. Winners of the NOT REAL ART Grant will be announced at 6:30pm by Cheyanne Sauter, Executive Director, Art Share LA.

Schedule is subject to change.
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